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How I Met Your Mother……..the true story kids. Friday November 10, 1967�. State Wide Youth night…Just look at the front page of the four page program. I was 15 and your mother 16. Two buses rolled out of Bell County Kentucky headed to Louisville Kentucky. Your mother and I were on the same bus. I persuaded a couple preteen boys to trade seats allowing me to now be in the seat behind this beautiful girl. She was a “Breck Shampoo Girl� come to life before me. Long brown hair, deep brown eyes, perfect lips, olive colored skin, and other admirable “attributes�. And yes as the bus rolled on to Louisville Kentucky this lovely girl granted to me permission to sit next to her during the program and the long ride home.

Program pages two and three – look at all the song selections. All hymns. It was a time just before “Good News” Bible paraphrase came out and new songs. A few years later praise songs started being composed/sung. But for 1967 – hymns. All normal for us back in the day. (Sorry about Program picture quality. Web page would not accept the scans. Had to take picture with Yuppie phone).

Program back page – Probably the very first time I wrote your mother’s name “June Lee Wakefield”. Still right there on the back of the program to this very day. Soon I would write her name all over my high school text books. May have been the most use those text books ever saw….

Top row her graduation from Lone Jack High School. She was third in her class. The spread in grade points of the top three were fractions. And me from Bell County High School, I wasn’t exactly in the top three of my class….Bottom row. June Lee Wakefield sophomore, next junior, then my senior picture then her senior picture. Last picture on the right is your mother and the Lone Jack posse standing around and apparently in the hall lockers.

State Wide Youth Night was over. Loaded up and headed home. Long drive. Charter bus driver stopped on the highway in Four Mile Holler, opened the door to let June Lee Wakefield out. Well after midnight and very dark. I jumped up out of the seat, stepped back to let her out of the seat. Followed her out of bus to walk her up the hill, (winding drive up to Nanny and Granddad’s house. Knowing all the while bus driver would close the door behind me and I would walk the 8 miles home. Seem the right thing to do. Couldn’t let her walk alone in the dark. Mom says it was maybe 2 or 3 AM. Yes, we kissed good night. True we only just met hours before. To my surprise the bus driver waited for me to come back off the hill. Kids on the bus may have said something…will never know. Was really glad driver waited. Cold, dark November Kentucky night. The picture ? – where I lived. Bear Trail, Clear Creek Kentucky.

Left side - Christmas 1967 or 1968 we are not sure. If it is 1967 then it was about a month after we met. Turned 16. Just got my drivers license. She accepted my class ring. I wore it one or two days before she agreed to “go steady”, “wear my class ring”. Do remember saying to her “if we go steady its not going to be on again, off again”. She agreed. Oh yes, the piano behind your mother was purchased for her at the age of two. And yes the same piano sits in the living room on the 40 acres. Your mom made the dress and coat she is wearing in picture. Right side. We are standing in front of Kelly Hall, Clear Creek Bible School, (whole ‘nother story – maybe next time). I think we were high school seniors

Four days later I wrote a letter to your Aunt Bea. Told her about the girl I met - your mother. Here is envelope and cropped a few lines from the letter for you to read.

This is envelope all was sent in over 45 years ago. Your Grandmother addressed the letter and mailed if for me. Forever indebted to your Aunt Bea. She kept the letter and program all these years. (Aunt Bea knew it was worth millions on ebay but did the right thing.) Last week she called and explained she had found a letter and program�.. She nor we remembered the letter. Thank you sister it is priceless to us. (added Breck Girl picture)

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